Designed2Fit "D2F" was born in November 2012. It has always been a passion of both partners to be able to provide a service to the local community where we were able to change lives, to live a healthier happier life.

The business is currently located in the Central Coast of NSW.

We personalise our programs to meet your goals, as we have found that one size doesn't fit all, or most. We are all different, have different drivers, genetics and medical nuances. D2F trainers take that into account when we work through your goals with you and determine how to achieve them.



Mission Statement

Our Mission is pure and simple, we have been where you are...we want to be able to provide the same support and understanding to you that we have received ourselves.

Designed2Fit is an accredited and certified provider of Thump Boxing

Designed2Fit Trainers are registered professionals with Fitness Australia as is the business

Designed2Fit is a proud supporter of Beyond Blue